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Blogging Marathon started out of a need to keep me focused and motivated to blog on this space regularly. I did a 31-day marathon in January and I had about a handful of food bloggers joining me for the marathon. It was a general topic and was very interesting not to mention quite easy to do.

For details on joining Blogging Marathon, please Blogging Marathon Guidelines and Rules
Previous Editions of Blogging Marathon can be accessed from the Archives

Blogging Marathon # 69 Participating Bloggers.

Group 1 doing the marathon between - 3,4,5 October 

Kid's Delight - Anniversary Party: VaishaliPavaniPJ

Do either US States or Indian States Sweets: Priya Suresh@PVR,  

4 Ingredients: Suma Gandlur

Recipes with Shelf Life: Hiba Abbas

Small Bites: Priya Suresh@CNCSushma Varada

Group 2 doing the marathon between - 10,11,12 October

Kid's Delight - Anniversary Party: Priya Suresh@CNCHariniVarada
Do either US States or Indian States sweets: VaishaliMireille RocNalini SureshSrivalli@C4AS,
4 Ingredients: SrivalliSandhya
Homemade Chinese takeaway foods: Pavani
Small Bites: Padma RekhaSapana Behl

Group 3 doing the marathon between - 17,18,19 October

Kid's Delight - Fruit based recipes: SrivalliPriya Suresh@CNCVaradaSuma Gandlur
Do either US States or Indian State sweets:  Smruti ShahRuchi Indu
4 Ingredients: VaishaliHariniArchana Potdar
Recipes with Shelf Life: Annu SwamySandhya
Homemade Chinese takeaway foods: Priya Suresh@PVRPJSapana Behl
Small Bites: Gayathri KumarVeena Krishnakumar

Group 4 doing the marathon between - 24,25,26 October

Kid's Delight - Fruit based recipes: VaishaliPJRuchi InduSushma
Do either US States or Indian States sweets: Hiba AbbasPadma RekhaAnnu SwamySandhya
Flatbreads: VaradaArchana PotdarVeena Krishnakumar
4 Ingredients: Priya Suresh@CNCNalini Suresh
Recipes with Shelf Life: Priya Suresh@PVR
Homemade Chinese takeaway foods: Srivalli@C4ASMireille Roc
Small Bites: Srivalli,
Special theme: Bookmarked: HariniPavaniSapana BehlSuma Gandlur,


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