Popped Jowars ~ Healthy Snack for Kids!

>>  Friday, January 29, 2010

Did you ever face a situation where you learnt a new thing and you felt strange for never knowing it? This happened to me couple of weeks back. For the Sankranti festival, Athamma wanted to prepare all those dishes that her mom used to make for the festival. One of those were these different laddos with Jowar and Bajra. Since I have never attempted making these, I asked how to make these, assuming that the seeds will be roasted and then powdered as the normal procedure goes for making laddos.

Little did I know that these Jowar seeds pop out like the corns and these are eaten as a delicacy as the popcorns. The poor mans popcorns or the lucky man's popped jowar if I must say! For almost few minutes I was speechless knowing that they actually pop out. That shows I never looked at it scientifically, which I do on most things. I try to analyze the science behind each cooking method. So I should have known that a dried seed like this should pop out right, but I didn't.

So it was naturally a great pleasure seeing them pop out on being roasted. Athamma further told me that her mom used to make a big batch of these popped Jowar, infact salted ones as munchies to the kids. Imagine Athamma munching on these as a young girl! Unbelievable, and here I was thinking and acting so smart when I actually showed her how to pop out corns. I have a never ending supply of the dried corn seeds for konda, who loves them. Of course who doesn't love popcorns.

The Jowar seeds pops out so beautifully that it makes a great thing to cook. I tried taking a step by step but the lighting in my kitchen was not enough for bright ones.

Heat a pan. When it is really hot, drop in handful of jowar seeds and using a spatula dry roast them.

Ensure you keep stirring else there are chances of some seeds getting too much heat. When the seeds get enough heat, they start popping out.

Just like the popcorns. Simmer the flame, cover with lid with the spatula inside. With the lid covered, try shaking the spatula so that it stirs the seeds and ensures all of them get popped out.

Once all are done, you can sprinkle salt and other masala you wish. And store it in air tight container.

Notes : Other way of making salted Jowar pops, lightly coat the seeds with little oil, sprinkle salt over them and then continue the process of frying.

The way I have shown is normally followed when you want to make the sweet laddos. Of course the laddos are for another day!

This makes a great snack for kids and of course for everybody!


Quick & Easy Savory Rava Vermicelli Idli Step by Step Recipe ~ Diabetes Diet Food

>>  Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I think this Rava Vermicelli Idli must be really of those few recipes that got done almost immediately after  the know-how. Ever since we made the Wheat Idli, Athamma has been after me to make this. Actually Amma saw us making the Bansi Rava Idli, she make a change to the recipe by making it a Rava Idli with Vermicelli and to boot, she sent some to Athamma. Well ever since then, I have been pressured to attempt it.

Since this week I decided not to make Idli on Monday as Konda wanted a change, without realizing that Tuesday was a holiday, we went ahead with soaking the rice for idli. Naturally we can't make Idli on a holiday right. Every time I pack the Idlis, somehow Chinnu gets on the scene, with stern voice tells me "Amma, Idli Votthu anni sepunnanu katha?" (Mom, I have told to I don't want Idlis) I just nod my head and get on with my work.

After all it's not me who was going to feed him and he normally eats whatever put in front of him by his school folks. Its a blessing, really! Finally it turned out that breakfast was Poori with Kala Channa, his favorite. He was happy being fed that. So as a reward, I saved up the Idlis for today. Athamma was reminding me the day through that I am yet to ask Amma about the recipe. I finally did at late night and even wrote it down.

We decided to make very small quantity as we had the regular Idli batter too. I used the smallest cup in my household, which measures about 50 gms I think, not really sure. I have taken a picture to make things more clear. Will try to measure the exact amount one of these days for sure. After a day at home, and an outing last evening, I was really energized to get up early then normal. Result is this step by step picture. Else it is really too crazy to manage.

Making of this idli is really really to simple and result will pleasantly surprise you. If you are fans of Rava Idli (which I am), believe this works as a breeze. To be frank, I have never attempted at the authentic Rava Idli all by myself. So making something with rava, even if it was only half and getting a perfect shaped idli that also tasted great, felt really good.

This is yet another dish most idle for Diabetes. Very tasty and quick to make, all under 40 mints from start to end!

Since I had time I took this in steps, I hope you find it useful!

Heat a non stick pan, dry roast Sooji till you start smelling the aroma. Remove keep aside.

Then put the vermicelli and roast again until you see it nicely done. This takes abt 2 -3 mins. While trying to meddle with the camera, I allowed it brown more. Which I am sure you will avoid!

Allow it cool, since I used a cup, I measured 1 and 1/4 cup of curds and mixed to the Rava and Vermicelli along with salt

At this stage it was really thick. I allowed it to rest for 5 minutes hoping that water will come out. But nothing like that happened. Only it became a thicker mass with the Rava and Vermicelli absorbing all the moisture. Add almost 1/4 cup of water to the mix and mix well to get a consistency that is not pouring yet loose. Almost like the regular Idli batter consistency.

Let it rest for 30 mins, if you are in a hurry like me, obviously you will disturb it by 20 mins and proceed with making the idlis.

Meanwhile heat a pan with oil, season with mustard, Urad dal, Bengal gram. When done add the onions, curry leaves and cashews if you are using it. Sauté well so that the onions get browned.

Add this to the batter and mix well.

Grease the idli plates with oil and pour a ladleful of the batter.

Steam for 10 - 15 mins depending on the idlis

Savory Rava Semiya Idli ~ Semolina Vermicelli Idli

Preparation Time : 5 - 7 mins
Soaking Time : 30 mins (or 1 hr if you have time)
Cooking Time : 10 - 15 mins (Depending on the number of plates used)
Makes - 6 idlis

Ingredients Needed:

Rava / Sooji - 50 gms
Vermicelli - 50 gms
Curds - 1 & 1/4 cup (use the same cup as you measure the rava and vermicelli)
Water as required to thin the batter.
Salt to taste

Onions - 1 medium
Green Chilies - 2 medium
Curry leaves few
Mustard Seeds, Urad dal - 1/2 tsp
Bengal Gram/ Channa Dal - 1/2 tsp
Cashew nuts - 5 (opt)
Coriander leaves  some

Method to prepare:

  • The recipe calls for the regular measuring cup, but I used the smallest one on hand, which might measure up to 50 gms.
  • Heat a non stick pan and dry roast Rava on high, while you keep stirring it to prevent from getting burnt. Repeat with the Vermicelli
  • Then put the vermicelli and roast again until you see it nicely done. This takes abt 2 -3 mins.
  • Allow it cool, measure 1 and 1/4 cup of curds and mixed to the Rava and Vermicelli along with salt.
  • Check the consistency, if it is too thick thin it by adding little water. Then allow it to rest for 30 mins.
  • Meanwhile heat a pan with oil, season with mustard, Urad dal, Bengal gram. When done add the onions, curry leaves and cashews if you are using it. Sauté well so that the onions get browned.
  • Add this mix to the batter and mix well.
  • Grease the idli plates with oil and pour a ladleful of the batter.
  • Steam for 10 - 15 mins depending on the idlis.
  • Enjoy with any side dish of choice!


  1. The amount of water to be used depends on the quality of the Semolina and Vermicelli. So add in little by little. We don't want the batter to be too thin. The batter consistency should not pouring one yet loose enough. Almost like the regular Idli batter consistency.
  2. The batter can be allowed to rest for 1 hr for more softer texture. But 20 mins was fairly fine. if required you can add very tiny pinch of cooking soda.
  3. Again how many minutes required for steaming depends on the number of plates used in the Idli pan. I used 6 plate one and normally steam it for 15 mins. With just two plates it can be even less.


Quick Semiya Upma ~ Vermicelli Upma Recipe!

>>  Monday, January 25, 2010

After yesterday's eventful things at home, I completely forgot to ask Konda for a menu. When I finally did, she said since I have two weeks worth of ideas, why not I come up with a mix and match myself. She said we can do the menu next week. What can I say after that. Anyway that still left me with a confusion on what to make for today. One item that was missed from the menu was Vermicelli Upma or Semiya Upma. Living in a household that detests upmas of any kind, I have long forgotten how one makes Vermicelli Upma.

Amma has this as part of the breakfast atleast once every week. Imagine I have never cooked this for many years. Hubby dear can't stand any version of it. Though he has mellowed over the years. To be frank, we have reached a stage where we can eat anything for any meal. But kids have reached a stage where they don't eat anything! Yes that leaves me in a soup, so in coup I decided that this Semiya Upma it was for Konda. Surprising she loved the setup and even more when she ate.

Infact there was hardly anything different that went in, but I wanted to record that this was yet another good and easy Breakfast/ School Lunch box for kids.

Quick Semiya Upma ~ Vermicelli Upma Recipe!

Ingredients Needed

Semiya / Vermicelli - 1 cup
Water - 1 cup
Onion - few chunks
Green Chili - 1 chopped into two pieces
Curry leaves - few

Method to prepare:

In a non stick pan, dry roast the vermicelli till nicely done. Ensure it doesn't get burnt.

Remove and in the same pan, heat oil, add the onion pieces. I add them in big chunk so that kids can throw them off easily! Then add the green chillies, curry leaves.

Once the onions are turning pink or translucent, add the salt along with water. When the water starts boiling, add the roasted vermicelli and mix well.

Cover with a lid and simmer for 5 more mins. Since you are adding 1 cup of water, ensure it gets cooked in low fame. When you find that water is completely evaporated which is about 5 -6 mins, switch off and remove

Optionally you can add more onions, tomatoes and other spices too during the seasoning period. Since I got to remove all of them anyways, I don't add!
Vegetables can be added to improve the nutritional value
Remember to cook this in slow flame else you stand the risk of burning the upma.

This is for my Kids Delight Wholesome Breakfast, hope you are sending more ideas for me!

Will be attempting some of the dishes I was suggested, so check them out soon!


Poori with Bombay Chutney ~ Kids Menu Day 5!

>>  Friday, January 22, 2010

I know I am going to be boring today! I am not here with a recipe, just a story to share. In all the hurry burry I forgot today's lunch plan and decided on pooris. It was going to be Sandwiches, and believe Konda these days has so much for Sandwiches that she doesn't want to miss. I had tough convincing her to eat that for breakfast.

Thing was, just before sleeping I thought I will make things easy for myself in preparing common dishes. But Konda being Konda, refused to have a change in the plan. I know it will backfire..:)

On top Athamma reminded me of a bunch of Methi leaves wilting in the fridge. Now that is something I can't ignore, so instead of what I planned I ended up making Dal and then Beets. Finally kids took the poori with Bombay Chutney. Actually I always remember eating Bombay chutney with Dosas, you got to wait for the book to come out as it's featured in it.

But Konda loves it with pooris. So thats what all three had!

I wanted to post another interesting dish but the picture all of a sudden looks bad! So I got to wait to take a better one and will surely enjoy sharing it with you.

Until then, have a great weekend. For me, my second week with planning was kind of successful and helpful as I was aware what to plan and cook. Hopefully should come with a new menu by Sunday!


Idlis with Wheat Rava / Bansi Rava Idli ~ Diabetes Diet Food!

>>  Thursday, January 21, 2010

The last couple of days, my internet seem to be playing on me. I wanted to post on Konda's Menu everyday so that I stay focused. But rather I was unable to keep to my own schedule. It was fine that the items listed for Wednesday and Thursday were not new ones. Still I took pictures of them in the last moment, you can guess that from the picture.

Konda has been very happy with her lunch, so that is one very very good thing to happen. I can now get to make her eat better because she choice herself.

I made Parotta with Paneer Butter Masala for Wednesday. It was such a great idea as we all ended up taking for lunch. So it was a better plan. I even sent it for the boys, who were happy knowing it.

Thursdays was a relative easy one, Curd Rice with Pickle.

From next week onwards, I am planning to include new dishes that I can make and introduce to the kids. Hopefully I get to write down the list soon.

Coming to today's post, this is a healthy version of Idlis suited for the Diabetes Diet. Without Rice, this makes the idlis so healthy and ideal.

This is normally prepared when I am making the regular idlis with Rice. That way I can save some Urad dal batter for mixing this batter. During our recent visit to my sister in-law, Athamma had got a packet of Bansi rava, Rice rava along with few other things. So whenever regular idli is on menu, she also soaks the bansi rava for herself.

This gets done quickly provided you have the Urad Dal batter ready. Else you might have to plan to grind it a day ahead and store it in fridge.


Idlis with Wheat Rava / Bansi Rava Idli ~ Diabetic Diet Food

Soaking time for the Bansi Rava - 1 hr
Preparation Time - 10 - 15 mins
Soaking & Resting time for Urad Dal batter - 4 soaking time + overnight or 6 hrs fermenting time (this is usually done with regular idli making)
Makes about - 4 Idlis

Ingredients Needed:

Bansi Rava - 1 small cup measuring about 25 - 30 gms (it was actually a ladle that would fit this measurement)
Ground Urad Dal batter - 1 ladleful
Salt to taste
Oil to grease the idli plates.

Method to prepare:

Wash and soak rava for 1 hour. Then drain it completely over a colander. Mix in the ground Urad dal batter along with salt. Allow it to rest for 30 mins or so.

Steam these Idlis as you will steam your regular Idlis. Once done, allow it to stand for 5 mins, before removing from the plate.

Serve hot with chutney of choice.

  • We normally save some amount of Urad Dal batter for making other Idlis as Athamma prefers not to eat Rice Idlis.
  • Wheat Rava does not require fermenting for long time. You only have to plan to soak the Urad dal.
  • At times we don't even let the Urad dal batter ferment but refrigerate for long shelf life.


Quick Paneer Parathas ~ Wholesome Meal for Kids Day 2!

>>  Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The day started quite hectic but luckily we managed to get things done on time. There was a last minute change in the menu as Konda wanted the same Pithiki Pappu Kura for dosa today, for which Athamma has those beans skinned ready. She infact prepared the kura by the time I got to the kitchen. Last night when I was getting the kids sleep, they insisted I sleep too without having to work. So I thought I would just pretend instead promptly slept and got up with start as I had planned for few posts. Plus had to soak the dals for the Onion dosa that is planned for BC. I was thankfully able to complete all my tasks.

When I checked the menu for today, Konda had asked for Paneer Parathas. I was thinking of the same way of making those quick Aloo Parathas. Once her breakfast was ready, I got into making these simple Paneer Parathas that will not be a messy lunch for her. So blended everything to the dough and had them going. By the time Konda was ready, the boys got up so naturally things had a way to get delayed. So hurriedly clicked few pictures of the box saying I surely want to share this simple and quick meal.

There is really no big recipe here but I thought how it will be to taking pictures everyday and sharing it here with you all!

Quick Paneer Parathas

Ingredients Needed

Whole Wheat Flour - 1 cup
Grated Paneer - 3 - 4 tsp
Red Chili powder - 1/2 tsp
Salt to taste
Turmeric a pinch
Garam Masala - 1/2 tsp (opt)
Ghee/ Clarified Butter - 1 tsp
Oil for cooking the parathas

Method to prepare:

In a bowl, take the wheat flour, along with grated paneer, salt, chili powder, turmeric, garam masala and ghee. Knead well to get a pliable dough. Let it rest for 5 - 10 mins.

Heat a tawa/ skillet, reduce to medium heat when the skillet is hot.

Meanwhile, divide the dough into equal balls, preferable small ones as kids live to handle tiny parathas. Dust the ball with flour and roll out to small discs.

Grease the pan with little oil so that the parathas don't stick to the pan. Place the rolled out parathas on the pan, when you see it bubbling out, flip to the other side and cook. Spread little oil on both sides and cook evenly.

This can be eaten as such or with Curds/ pickle.

Notes :

  • Since you have added ghee to the dough, you need not add lots of oil. Also you need to cook this on relatively high flame, as else the parathas tend to become hard as the dough has ghee in it.
  • Instead of ghee you can add curds/yogurts for getting soft parathas.
  • Make it more spicy by adding cumin powder, fennel seeds or even coriander powder. Depends on how much spice your kid eats.
  • Variations can be by adding finely chopped or grated onions and corianders too.

I was very happy knowing that Konda loved the Idli upma with Podi, hope she enjoys this too.

I almost think I should have made the event as wholesome lunch with the lunch items that I am preparing! But I guess this makes up as both a breakfast or lunch item!


Idli Upma with Podi - Kids Lunch Box, Menu for Kids!

>>  Monday, January 18, 2010

The second week in planning a menu for daughter was successfully written down and plans to execute it to the T is decided. Konda was most disappointed in not having most of the items not done last week with her being at home on holidays. So to address that she suggested most of the dishes that she missed for this week. Though I tried to change it.

The most interesting thing was, when I called her in for a chat on this, the boys were eager to let me know what they wanted too. It was so cute that they said "Amma, maaki Maggi Pampi (Ma, send us Maggi)" They are so fond of Maggi, I guess all kids are, that they won't mind being given this everyday. I restrict to once a week, though I find it very hard to make them forget it.

Anyway this is the menu planned for this week.

Week 2
MondayIdli with Groundnut ChutneyIdli Upma with Podi
Dosa with Carrot Kurma
Stuffed Paneer Parathas
WednesdayBread JamParotta with PButter Masala
ThursdaySemiya Upma
Curd Rice with Pickle
FridayDosa with Pithiki Pappu KuraSandwich

The Idli Upma with Podi is nothing but Idli very nicely mashed with Podi and ghee and packed. This is one of my most favorite lunch during school. Since I planned for Idli with chutney for breakfast, I convinced her to take this for lunch. Konda actually likes the Idli mashed and mixed with Sambar. Its been a while since I made it for her. I prefer that as it so much healthy and tasty too.

This is box that Konda carried with her. Double flovoured Cakes for snacks and Lays classic salted along with Idli Upma with Podi.

Have a great week ahead!


Moong Dal Halwa ~ Indian Cooking Challenge for December!

>>  Friday, January 15, 2010

My tryst with Moong Dal Halwa started many years ago. I first tasted it on December 24th 1995 to be exact, for a breakfast. I remember so well because the trip was an unforgetable one, we were visiting Bombay, my first trip for a friends wedding. It was a punjabi wedding, an occasion we all enjoyed to every small bit. The food that we were treated to was the best one could ask of a punjabi khanna. Days may have passed without a hint, but memories still linger very heavily, unforgettably!


During my visit to Delhi in October this year, I was eager to taste Moong dal halwa but was most disappointed to learn that they don't make this halwa at that time as it is a winter special! I had previously attempted this halwa as hubby dear likes it a lot. Researching many sites and books and notes from North Indian friends, I finally made the halwa, it came out well. Hubby dear said it tasted great but not like the one he remembers from Delhi.

This was the story last year. Now just couple of weeks ago while I was chatting with Simran, we somehow got into discussing the next dish for us to work on for ICC, I remembered that her Mom must know how to make Moong Dhal Halwa. So with all eagerness asked if her mom has an authentic recipe for Moong Dal halwa. Yes came the answer and rest is history. She mailed me her mom's recipe, infact two versions of it.

And guess what, I requested Lataji to make this ahead of time to help us with notes. She was most kind enough and infact made both the versions and sent me her notes and exact steps to follow.

So thanks to Simran's Mom for the recipe and Lataji for giving us notes on the recipe. One recipe calls for using Khova, the other plain dal. I followed the one with just dal.

Moong Dal Halwa

Soaking Time : Overnight
Preparation Time : 15 minutes
Cooking Time : 30 - 45 mins

Recipe 1 with khoya

Ingredients Needed:

Split (Yellow) Moong dal - 1 cup
Sugar - 3/4 cup - 1 cup (depending on your preference)
Clarified Butter / Ghee - 1/2 cup
Khoya - 1/2 cup
Cashew nuts and raisins for garnish

You can make any quantity with this as long as you keep this ratio constant : equal amounts of dal and sugar, half the ghee and khoya.

Method to prepare:

Lightly roast the 1 cup of moong dal, wash, soak overnight and be ground to a fine paste adding very little water.

Take a thick bottom pan, heat 1/2 cup ghee and fry the moong dal paste till it turns brownish and releases the ghee. Add sugar and khoya.

Stir fry until both the sugar and khoya are well absorbed. Turn off the heat, then mix in cashew nuts and raisins.

Recipe 2 with just the dal

Split (Yellow) Moong dhal - 1 cup
Ghee - 1/2 cup
Sugar - 3/4 cups to 1 cup (as per required sweetness)
Milk - 1/2 cup (Notes from Lataji - instead of water for the sugar, this gives the khoya added taste, Simran's recipe asked for water)
Cashews/ raisins roasted in ghee for garnish.

Method to Prepare:

  1. Soak 1 cup moong dal overnight. Next morning, grind to a paste.
  2. Heat a heavy Kadai, take initially only 1/2 of the ghee and heat it.
  3. Add the dhal and stir continuously, not allowing lumps to form. This part is very tricky as the dhal cooks really fast, irrespective of the ghee.
  4. Keep the heat at the lowest and keep stirring even after the dhal becomes thick.
  5. Add the rest of the ghee intermittently and cook the dhal until aromatic and the ghee starts oozing out.
  6. Meanwhile mix the sugar with water/ milk in a pan and bring to a boil. Add this slowly to the cooking dhal.
  7. Keep the fir low at all times and break lumps if formed while adding the sugar and water/ milk mix.
  8. Cook until the ghee surfaces.
  9. Garnish with cashews and raisins.

Notes :

  • Use a thick bottom pan or better nonstick pan
  • Don't leave the halwa unattended. The dal can stick and it can go from just done to burnt in a second so keep stirring as much as possible. You should remember to keep stirring to prevent dhal from sticking irrespective of the ghee added.
  • You aren't looking for the halwa to get too thick when you turn off the heat. It was thicken as it cools.
  • Cook until ghee surfaces on the sides and the halwa attains a very nice shine.
  • Initially, it may appear that all the ghee is being used up. But as the dhal cooks the ghee separates. So the ghee measure is sufficient.
  • In both recipes depending on how you got the moong dal paste, you may require slightly more ghee to get the texture
  • Though original recipe didn't call for roasting the dhal before soaking, Lataji felt roasting it a bit gives more fragrance.
To all my ICC members, please link your Moong Dal Halwa to Mr. Linky.


Bottle Gourd Tikkis ~ Healthy Snacks for Kids!

>>  Tuesday, January 12, 2010

After announcing an event which I felt was the only way I could get Konda eat properly, I was happy getting her involved in letting me know what she wants for this week. I even made her read the entire post. She was very pleased being the topic of discussion. I thought it was best if we arrive at a menu as I do for our week. Guess what, it really helped me the last two days in not wasting time thinking what to make for her.

Below is what she wanted for this week. I am hoping I can change this next week with more ideas. Looking at the menu I was thinking maybe I should mix and match items so as to suit everybody's taste at home without ending up with different menus to follow!

I was always thinking I should put things properly in a table, but never came around doing the html part it. Recently I came across a site that gives easy solution. I remember seeing Meeta use it. When it didn't work for me, she offered to do it for me, which was really so very sweet. Then I went about creating on my own, though I ended up struggling with the table not sure where I was going wrong. Medhaa helped out with the current one. Looks like I was giving too many spaces. Thanks Medhaa!

Week 1
MondayIdli with Tomato ChutneyMacaroni
Aloo Paratha
WednesdayBread JamCurd Rice with Aloo Roast
ThursdayPasta/ MaggiPoori with Subji
FridaySmoothies with SandwichVariety Rice

I have successfully completed two days without hassle. I am hoping this will surely help me glide through without any other problem!

This Saturday was pretty hectic as I was busy trying to cook as many as I can and shoot them. In the process, Athamma had a piece of bottle gourd that she wanted to make tikkis with as I did with Aloo Paneer Tikkis. The afternoon was spent making these and the moment I took pictures, Konda was right on them and it vanished within minutes!

She said it was absolutely delicious! We need not feel guilty as these are not deep fried. I used about 2 tsp of oil for 8 tikkis. Plus the fact that you can actually sneak in lot of veggies like this for the kids to eat without knowing it.


Bottle gourd Tikkis

Ingredients Needed

Bottle gourd grated - 50 gms
Awain / Vammu a pinch
Ginger Garlic paste - 1/2 ts
Salt to taste
Cumin seeds- a pinch
Chili powder - 3/4 tsp
Gram powder - 2 -3 tsp
Besan - 3 - 4 tsp
Wheat flour - 1 tsp
Bread crumbs
Oil - for cooking

Method to prepare:

Peel and grate the bottle gourd, mix in the other ingredients except bread crumbs. Since water comes out while grating, you need not add water to form the tikkis.

Ensure the dough is not watery, if required add more flour. Shape them into small discs. Roll them on bread crumbs.

Heat a non stick pan, and shallow fry them on both sides by sprinkling drops of oil.

Serve hot with ketchup.


These make a perfect evening snack for kids and its not heavy work for us too. Do try these and let me know how your kid likes it!


Announcing Kid's Delight ~ Wholesome Breakfast!

>>  Friday, January 8, 2010

It's been on my mind for a while but I was just procrastinating. It's the same story everyday, last year it was different this year it is a different fancy. I am talking about Konda's fancy to what she wants to eat for her breakfast and lunch. I feel so guilty if I pack the same food for lunch too. But she insists so and I am so short of ideas basically if you ask me.

Last year she was fond of dosas and would only want that for all meals. Even if I refuse to pack that, she would insist she wants only that. That too with ketchup of all dips. This year the fancy has turned to breads. For a while she was fine with jams, then it was the cheese, then it was bread pizza, finally landed on simple ghee toasted slices or with cheese spreads. Whatever might the spread be, it was only bread. She even asked me why I won't send her bread for lunch. I said I consider bread slices to be something of a light filling, two slices of bread would hardly mean wholesome meal for a growing kid. She wants to differ on that.

She even cajoled me to pack her some maggi. Till now I have never budged on that. I don't mind feeding Maggi for breakfast, served hot. But never for a cold meal. Occasionally I pack her those pasta treats, hoping it will be little better. But I know better, it's just that kids love these but we can never agree on. She is fine with eating Idli but it is only with one side dish she likes. Same goes for Dosa, she likes to eat only with Carrot Kurma or few specific Kurmas that I make with Dosas. Now I can't be making only these on every other day right. She dislikes Upma, Ponga or any of those heavy stuffs, so there is no way I can sneak these into her lunch box.

Same goes for their snacks too. The other day I was talking to Kamala, when she expressed how she wishes I come back with another series on the Kids special event. She said she was finding it hard to get ideas for her kids too. Many of you had expressed the same thought. So naturally I decided why not make this a monthly event, were we all can pool in and discuss which worked and which didn't . And of course share the recipe on the blog for all to benefit from it.

Kids I have seen are more receptive to dishes served beautifully and in a different way. It works out even more when they make it themselves. I was shocked and surprised when Konda spread the most perfect paper dosa last night. I was just not ready to accept that she can handle a ladle or a hot pan! I never allow her into the kitchen for this fear. And she always keep complaining that I never allow her to do any cooking. Finally I realized she can make beautiful dosas, it was simply beyond me. She was more receptive when I said she got to eat one of what I make too.

Well I say that right now my most pressing task is to prepare something that my 8 yr old daughter eats. Most of what my daughter eats or what I make for my kids are already posted. I am part of an online group which shares the most interesting and useful information. Some of what I am going to share here are ideas from that group, I have forever wanted to try few of those dishes listed, though most are what I already prepare, at least the Indian varieties.

Below are basically some ideas that came to mind. Indian Dishes are what I would normally prepare.

Indian Dishes
Rice Roti with Veggies
Dosa - Regular, Rava, Adai, Moong dal, Wheat, Ragi, Oats, Cheese
Parathas with different vegetable stuffing with mild masala
Cracked wheat/Bulgar upma
Idli - Rava or regular
Puffed rice upma (uggani)
Mini Idly / Mini Dosa with/without Vegetables
Fruits with yogurt

Western Dishes
Bagel and cheese
Bread pizza
Bread with cheese spread
Bread with table butter and cucumber
French Toast with maple syrup
Frozen pancakes/homemade ones
Oats with milk and fruit
Peanut butter jelly sandwich
Egg - Scrambled, Boiled, Omelette
Cheese toast
Macroni, pasta
Mini muffins
Mini Pancakes

The ones in italics refer to what I make. I will be most happy getting tried and tested recipes for the rest.
New ideas other than what is listed here can also be sent for the event. I have listed only what came to my mind!

Coming to the event part, this event aims to be different! How different you ask? Here's how it is.

  1. First, you can share something that your kid eats and I will try it out and feature them here.
  2. Second you can post something that you know is a kid's favorite and I will do a round up by the last date.

Ok for this month, the theme is going to be Wholesome Breakfast dishes. And you are most welcome to share your ideas.I have already listed the items that I already prepare/know. So I will be looking for ideas from all of you. If you find something missing here you can share the recipe in the comment section. I will prepare those and feed my kids. You can also prepare those and post in your blog for the event.

End of the month, I will feature all the dishes that I prepared and were accepted by kids, plus the entries you send in. Of course these will be again tried by me.

I can see that this may be confusing, if so please ask. I know I can end up being confusing at times!

Guidelines for the event:

Leave in the comment section, new ideas for me to prepare during the month.

Else prepare some dish fitting to the theme and post on your blog from now till the event closing date (15th of every month).

Once done, you can fill in your details in the form below for the event (if you face problem please mail me, I will address it)

Link back to this announcement and add the logo so that we spread the news on the event.

The dish prepared should have been accepted by your own kid, kid from your family or friends. Or even something that you loved eating as a kid. (Because the idea is to tell my kids that another kid loved this, there by making them eat it, thank you!)

The last date for the entries is 15th Feb 2010. You can send in as many entries you can.

Other ideas and suggestions are most welcome. I am hoping you will help me get better ideas!


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